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Bradley Simpson
Background Information
Birth Name Bradley Will Simpson
Born July 28, 1995
Occupations Vocalist, guitarist
Years Active 2012-present

Bradley Simpson is a member of The Vamps along with James McVey , Connor Ball and Tristan Evans. He sings lead vocals and plays the rhythm guitar.


  • His Star Sign is Leo
  • He was born in Birmingham
  • He has an older sister called Natalie
  • He plays the Guitar, Piano, Ukele
  • His favourite fruit is Kiwi Fruit 
  • He isn't a big fan of roller-coasters
  • He gets put off if girls are taller than him
  • His height is "5,7
  • He has a bad habit of leaving the water in the bath
  • He's single
  • His favourite ice cream is: Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough
  • He is right handed
  • His favorite animal is a dog
  • He has a pet dog named Jesse
  • If he could be any animal in the world he would be a dog
  • If he wasn't in The Vamps then he would be a fireman
  • He loves the television show New Girl

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